Current and Future International Students!
Let Us Help You Find a Place to Live
in Kanazawa, Ishikawa!

Two of our staff members have experience as international students! They understand the unique challenges of being an international student, to help with finding somewhere to live, or with social support for your lifestyle as an international student.
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Our Apartments & Rental Houses

We manage 8,300 apartments and condominiums throughout Kanazawa
that are well suited to international students.

We can help find just the right apartment or rental house for you, from our wide selection.
First, click below for a look at apartments and rental houses near the school where you’ll be studying.

Tenant Services

At Noka Estate, we offer a broad variety of services to help make tenants’ lifestyles more comfortable and more fun.

If you refer a friend who also signs up with us, you can have breakfast for free every day at this café while you live in your Noka Estate home.
A free bus that travels between the Kakuma Campus of Kanazawa University and the student residence area.
Noka Estate residents can get great bonuses at participating shops in the area.


Noka Estate holds lots of events for international students!


Meet lots of international students who are also going through the same challenges and experiences!
A great way to make friends!


Learn about Japanese companies’ ways of thinking through company tours!


Learn about culture and customs, to better enjoy living in Japan!

Visits to Local Companies

Don’t just spend all of your time studying at your school — take advantage of your time in Japan, and learn about Japanese society! At Noka Estate, tenants can join us for occasional visits to local companies. It’s a great chance to learn about companies’ policies and the work they do, and to talk with people who have experience finding full-time employment in Japan. Feel free to join even if — especially if! — you haven’t made up your mind yet about what to do after graduation. These tours are a great way to improve your understanding of work in Japan.

Soccer Tournaments

The international students who study here come from different countries all over the world. Even if you don’t speak each other’s languages, there’s one great way to make friends: the universal language of sports! At Noka Estate, we hold a soccer event called the Noka Cup. Last year, we had eight teams with players from six countries, and it was a great time for everyone. If you come to Kanazawa, we hope you’ll join us for some soccer!

Welcome Party for New Arrivals

Noka Estate holds free annual welcome parties for the new students arriving that year. These parties are a great way to meet 100 or more other new international students arriving at the same time, with delicious food and fun games. Meet new friends from new countries! It's a great opportunity to chat with lots of other people in similar circumstances, and to make new friends!

Growing Vegetables

Noka Estate grows vegetables in a garden near Kanazawa University, called Noka Farm. We grow a variety of vegetables each season, and international students are welcome to come help with the harvest. Nothing tastes better than food that you grew yourself! Come join us and give it a try — it's much more fun than you’d expect!

Lifestyle Support

We offer lots of help for lots of the little difficulties that you might run into while living in Japan.


Skip the Setup and Go Straight to Living Your Life,
as Soon as You Arrive in Japan!


Save Time and Money for
Short-Term Stays!


Less Stress When
It’s Time to Move Out!

Kaden Plus

When you move into a new home, some of the first things you need are furniture and appliances. But for a short-term international study program, it can take more time and effort to find and buy them than it’s worth. That’s why Noka Estate offers Kaden Plus, a rental service that includes a four-piece furniture and appliance set for one fixed monthly cost. This set includes a refrigerator, a washing machine, a microwave, and a bed, and you can choose from either new or used items.


We often hear from international students that they wish moving weren’t so expensive. At Noka Estate, we have partnered with moving companies to help bring you a special discounted flat-rate plan. This plan features a flat fee to move anywhere at all within Kanazawa, no matter what part of the city, and no matter what floor you’ll be living on. These plans are available when moving to a Noka Estate apartment or rental house.

Trash Disposal

When moving out, such as when you’re heading back to your home country after finishing your studies, you’ll find yourself needing to get rid of a lot of stuff. We’ve heard from a lot of students who have had difficulty getting rid of all the things they don’t need anymore when it comes time to move out. That’s why we offer a full trash disposal service. We can collect and dispose of anything left in your apartment that you don’t need anymore: trash, of course, but also unneeded furniture and appliances. No need to worry about sorting through everything to properly take care of it on your own. And multiple tenants in the same building can take advantage of this service at the same time to save money!

Cellphone Registration

Don't bother in the cumbersome application procedures for mobile phones,foreigners special mobile phone application green channel allows you to get the phone number in the shortest time!Please consult us for details!

Tenant Interviews

These videos feature other international students studying in Kanazawa,
who have great advice for everyone, about searching for a place to live, but also on other lifestyle topics, too.

Consultations for Investors

We have two staff members who are from China, and they can speak both Chinese and English.
Please feel free to contact us for a consultation.


Support Available Even in China!

We can provide helpful service in detail via social media or email. There’s no need to ever set foot in Japan.

Reliable Investment Returns!

We have 40 years of investment support experience. Even if you’re new to investment, we’re glad to help.

Let Us Help with Home Sales and Purchases, Too!

We can also help with your needs if you’re looking to buy a condominium or house in Japan.

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If you have any questions,
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