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About Global Sales Department

Global Sales Department was established in 2013 and is a dedicated department that supports room finding for foreigners. We have foreign staffs with study abroad experience who will do their best to provide top and fast services to foreign customers who are struggling from cultural and language barriers, so you can start a wonderful living-abroad life quickly.

About Global Sales Department

What sets us apart

Multilingual support

Supports Japanese, English, Chinese, Malay and Indonesian.

What sets us apart

Our wide-ranging experience

We receive many inquiries and consultations from customer before coming to Japan, as well as universities, Japanese language schools and vocational schools in Japan.

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What sets us apart

Customer feedback

I highly recommend Noka Real Estate because you can use services such as a free shuttle bus to the university and an exlusive cafe that you can enjoy.

Mr. Zlatko from Macedonia

The reason I chose Noka Real Estate was that the number of properties was vast to pick from and that I could make an apartment contract before coming to Japan.

Ms. Afifah from Indonesia

My first impression was that the company puts a lot of effort into helping its customers since I received prompt answers to my online inquiries.

Mr.Junior, from Cape Verde

Noka Real Estate have Chinese staffs, so the communication was smooth. They also give me very useful advices according to my desired conditions and needs.

Ms. Chen,from China

Noka Real Estate website contains a lot of information such as desired conditions and facilities information, so it was very useful for my room finding process.

Ms. Fahimah from Malaysia

Internship for international student.

Every year, we offer internship opportunity for those who want to work in Japan after graduation and those who are interested in the structure of Japanese companies. Don’t miss out for a Japanese company workplace first-hand experience. We look forward to your participation.

Internship for international student.

Consultation for foreign investors

Japan is recognized as a low-risk country all over the world.
As the number of foreign tourists visiting Japan increases every year, the number of inquiries from overseas investors also increasing rapidly!
Noka Real Estate has more than 40 years of real estate management experience, and offers the best proposals by meeting the demands of overseas investors beyond the barriers of language and distance.

Consultation for foreign investors

Exclusive services for foreigners

Utilizing the study abroad experience of our foreign staffs, we provide support not only with room finding but also in daily life aspect so that you will be able to enjoy your precious study-abroad experience to the max !

  • Moving

    Special price only for customer who plans to move into our apartment.

  • Cell phone

    Say good bye to various complexity when making phone contract.
    Speedy services in foreign languages!


  • Home appliances rental

    New,second hand,monthly paid, lumsump payment and many more exclusive plan for our tenants!

  • Garbage disposal

    Goodbye to the trouble of disposing of oversized garbage and home appliances.
    Special discounts are waiting for customers who live in Noka Real Estate properties.

  • Cashless payment

    No more need to go to the bank to make a deposit.
    With your cellphone, every payment is now on your fingertip.


We regularly hold events for our tenants. Don’t miss out to make your life abroad more diverse and meet more friends through the event.

Soccer tournament

Even if you don’t speak each other’s language, enjoy the opportunity to make new meaningful encounters while exercising. Every year, Noka Real Estate holds a soccer event in which teams from multiple countries participate. Let’s play soccer with us!

40KM Walk

It was an event that received many comments from participants such as “I didn’t know there is such a place in Kanazawa!” “I was totally distracted by the beautiful city streets. 40km was in a blink of an eye.” Join us to walk around Kanazawa and meet new people. The walking course is different every year, so even if you have participated before, please free to join us again!

Visits to local companies

For international students who are thinking of finding a job at a Japanese company and interested to learn the mechanism of a Japanese company, Noka Real Estate offers you opportunity for company visits around Kanazawa. Let's take this precious opportunity to experience Japanese company's working enviroment, which is said to have a long history in the world.

Welcome party

We invite students who have moved into our managed property and newcomers to a welcome party every year!
Meet people from various countries and make new friends while enjoying delicious food. Special gifts are waiting for quizzes and games winner.

International exchange BBQ

Come join us for a delicious BBQ while enjoying the spectacular view of mountains and sea.
Let’s deepen the bond between team members through the BBQ and winning fun games .


No vegetable tastes better than the vegetable you grew yourself !
Join us to grow various vegetables throughout the season.
Don’t miss out to experience sowing, raising seedlings and harvesting with us.
We encourage you to try new vegetable dishes using the harvested vegetables.

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