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Procedures before moving in

01About payment of contract fee and fire insurance fee

About transfer deadline and method

I don’t know where to transfer the contract fees …

Please transfer the fee to the account below.
Bank name: 北國銀行
Branch name: 小立野支店
Account type: 普通
Account number: 26031
Account name: カ)ノウカフドウサン

The due date for payment of the contract fees has passed …

Please pay promptly at an ATM or convenience store.

I transferred the contract fees under a different name from the contractor …

We may not be able to confirm the payment, so please let us know the name of the transfer.
Thank in advance for your cooperation.

Is the transfer fee should be paid by myself?

The transfer fee is paid by the customer.

I would like to make a monthly transfer for the rent payment

Please transfer the rent for the following month to the designated account by the 25th of each month.
※When making a transfer, please be sure to make the transfer under the name of the contractor. If you make a transfer with a name that is not registered, we may not be able to confirm the payment.


《Transfer account detail》
Bank name: 北國銀行
Branch name: 小立野支店
Account type: 普通
Account number: 121531
Account name: カ)ノウカフドウサン

By when should I pay for fire insurance?

Please complete the procedure at the latest by the day before the contract start date.

Is there a designated financial institution for auto-debit?

Hokkoku Bank, Hokuriku Bank, Japan Post Bank, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, and Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ are available.
For auto-debit, you need to submit the registration form to us.

※Depending on the submission date, the procedure may not be in time for the next withdrawal. In that case, please transfer the rent to us.

02About contract documents

I would like to change the move-in date …

In principle, the contract start date cannot be changed. Key can be picked up even after the contract start date.

I made a mistake in the entry …

Please draw two lines through the incorrect text and press your seal on it.
After that please rewrite the correct information.

Can I use any stamp?

Please be sure to use your real name seal.
※In the case of an account transfer registration form, please use the seal you use when making the bank account.

Do I need to write my place of employment, years of service, and annual income on the application form?

Yes. Application form is an important document to send to the owner.
Please fill in all the information needed.

I don’t have a cell phone. I am planning to purchase it but I cannot fill it out now.

Please indicate so in the entry field. Please let us know immediately after the purchase.

Can someone else fill in the contract documents on behalf of me?

Please fill it in by yourself.

※In case of unavoidable reason, please discuss with us in advance.

Which address should I write on the current address section?

Please write your current address, not your new address.

I made a mistake when stamping my seal …

Please draw two lines through the incorrect seal and re-seal nearby.

I will buy the bicycle at a later date, so I don’t know the security registration number or color.

Please leave the bicycle sticker column on the various product application forms blank.
Please complete the permission sticker issuance procedure immediately after purchase.

Will newspaper subscriptions arrive from the specified date?

Unless there are special circumstances such as the move-in date is near from the contract, you can subscribe from the desired date.

I will not be able to submit the auto-debit registration form as I have not opened a bank account yet.

Please complete the process and submit it promptly after opening an account.

Do I have to submit the NHK broadcast reception contract?

Those who plan to purchase a TV are basically required to submit it.

Should I return the documents by registered mail or regular mail?

Please use registered mail so that you can keep a record of the shipping history.

Omission of contract

There are three contract documents. Please write your current address and your name on all three sheets. If you make a mistake, please draw two lines through the incorrect text and press your seal on it. After that please rewrite the correct information.

Is it okay to use a fire insurance from another company?

It is mandatory to take out fire insurance.
Please be sure to submit a copy of your enrollment credentials.

※Please make sure the period of fire insurance is allign with the apartment contract period.

About NHK broadcast reception contract

Please refer to the entry example and make sure that there are no omissions in the entry / seal.

03About receiving the key

Where and when should I go for the key collection?

Please bring along the key collection form and pick up the key at our office during the business hour.

※Business hour: 10am-18pm.

※Other branches are closed on Wednesdays, except for the Morinosato branch.

Is there anything I need to bring during the key collection?

Please bring your key collection form. Please read the notes carefully in advance and sign the form.

Do I need to contact you before collectiong the key?

No need. Please come to pick up at your convenience after the specified contract start date.


Please tell me how to use the key.

● For card keys ●

  1. Insert the side without hole with the sticker-surface facing your side.
  2. Push it in until it clicks.
  3. You can open and close it by turning it in the direction of OPEN / CLOSE.

To maintain the key’s magnetic data, please do not place it on any electronic devices (computers, mobile phones, microwave ovens, TVs, etc.).

● For IC card keys ●
Please check the documents you received on the day you move in.

I don't know how to open the mailbox.

Please refer to the image below.

I don't know how to put out cardboard garbage.

Lay flat the cardboard, stack if you have multiple boxes and time them together using a rope.
※In Kanazawa City, you can cut it into a size that fits in a designated garbage bag, or attach one designated garbage bag (equivalent size) to each cardboard to dispose of it as burnable garbage.
※In addition, disposal at nearby supermarkets is also possible. Please check the schedule beforehand to each supermarket.

How do I pay for the utility bill?

The invoice will be send to your house. Please complete the payment through convinience store.
If you picked auto-debit, please prepare the fee in your bank account fo the deduction.
If you wish to change the payment method, please directly conract each utility company.

Is there a place to park my car on the day of moving?

Please book a parking space through akippa website for daily usage parking.
URL: https://www.akippa.com/

I want to know the size of curtains etc.

For customer who want to do the measurement, please pick up the key at our office.
※In some casses, it may not be possible to measure the contracted room due to moving out situation.

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