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Contract cancellation and moving out procedures

Contract cancellation and moving out procedures
01 About cancellation
02 About moving out

01About cancellation

I want to cancel the contract of apartment I live in.

Please complete the cancellation on the web or at our office. Click here for cancellation reception form. https://www.noka.co.jp/termination/termination_form.php


Cancellation must be completed at least one month in prior before moving out. Please let us know the desired date of final checking of the apartment as soon as possible after you completed the cancellation procedure.


In addition, please be sure to bring your seal when you pick up the item at the store.


※ If you have received the information about your graduation schedule, please complete the procedure from there.

Do I need to be present on the final checking of the apartment?

Yes, it is compulsory. Please let us know your desired date and time during the cancellation procedure.

Is it possible to cancel only the parking lot and water purifier?

Yes it is possible. Please submit a cancellation notice.
In principle, we do not accept cancellation over the phone, so please come to our office to complete the procedure.
Cancellation process must be completed at least one month in advance.
※For water purifier, cancellation less than one year after the contract start date, will require you to pay the reamining balance.

Can I cancel the contract even if I am not a contractor?

In principle, only the contractor can complete the procedure.
※If it is difficult for the contractor to complete the procedure due to unavoidable circumstances, please contact our staff as soon as possible.

Is there any charge other than the rent?

You will be required to pay the cancellation service fee. (3,300 yen)

Does the rent for the month of cancellation cost one month even if I move out in the middle of the month?

It will be counted daily until the cancellation date.

When will the security deposit and overpayment be refunded?

It takes about 2 months from the date of cancellation. Customers who are planning to return to their home country will be refund during the final checking. In this case, please be sure to tell us when you cancel the contract.

How can I stop electricity, gas, and water?

Please check the description in the “Cancellation Notice ” issued after the cancellation procedure.


If you are going back to your country, please be sure to ask each company to pay the final amount for on site payment. Please keep the receipt for the final payment as you will need it during the final checking of the apartment.

It's been less than two years, can I cancel?

You can cancel the contract even in the middle of the contract period.
※ If you make a contract with a special agreement, a penalty may be incurred.
※When canceling the contract, you need to complete the procedure at least one month before the desired move-out date.

I want to change the cancellation date.

You can only advance the cancellation date.
In that case, please complete the procedure at least one month before the desired date.
※Changes cannot be made in less than one month, but the key can be returned before the cancellation date.

02About moving out

How can I return the key?

The key will be collected during the final apartment checking. Please give all the keys you have to our staff.

※For IC type key, please return the registration card as well.

※For numeric keypad, no key return is needed.

There is only one key.

Please return all the key.

I lost the trunk room key.

We will lend you the key, so please be sure to create a spare key and return the borrowed ket to us.

Disposal of oversized garbage is not in time for the move-out date.

Please attach the “garbage disposal ticket” and take it out to the specified place and time according to the reserved collection detail.
※Please be careful not to interfere with the passage or parking of other residents.

What should I do with Wi-Fi router?

You do not have to return the router. You can either keep or dispose the router.

Is it okay to leave unnecessary curtains, stoves, clotheslines, garbage, etc. in the room?

Please remove all your personal belonging.
※Please do not remove the pre-installed furniture or appliances. Any damage and lost of the pre-install items will cost you a penalty fee.

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